The 4 Most Common Garage Doors and Why They Are Popular 

Your garage door significantly impacts your home’s pavement outlook, energy efficiency, and security. How do you settle for the right style with so many choices available? Let’s explore the four most common garage doors trims and why homeowners love them.

Common Garage Doors

Raised panel

Raised panel garage doors mimic the look of classic carriage house doors with their rectangular panel designs and upscale aesthetics. This style continues gaining popularity for:

  • Timeless, elegant curb appeal across many home styles
  • Customizable panel numbers, designs, windows, etc.
  • Various material options like steel, wood, vinyl
  • Ability to enhance home value and marketability

Whether you want a traditional or modern raised panel look in steel or wood, this flexible style elevates any home’s appearance. No wonder custom garage door builders offer many raised panel options.

Sectioned/Rectangular lighthouse

Clean, sleek lines and minimalist designs make sectioned or rectangular lighthouse styles a significant hit across modern and contemporary homes. Key benefits include:

  • Striking, unembellished aesthetic
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Superior mix of light infiltration and privacy
  • Seamless blending with modern architecture

These simple yet eye-catching doors come in materials like Aluminum, steel, or glass to match different modern exterior motifs. Though understated, the effortless style provides undeniable curb appeal.

Carriage house

Nothing exudes rustic character and charm like a carriage house garage door design. This hugely in-demand style provides:

  • Distinct visual texture and detailing
  • Striking appearance on craftsman or country homes
  • Real wood durability and natural insulation
  • Custom hardware and window options

Every detail, from the trim to the hardware, creates the authentic look and feel of vintage swing-open carriage doors. It’s the ultimate rustic meets modern design many garage door style providers offer.

Contemporary/Aluminum and glass

Clean lines meet bold geometry and glass accents in the sleekest garage door style. Key benefits of contemporary Aluminum and glass designs include:

  • Seamless indoor/outdoor flow with abundant light
  • Unobstructed outdoor views and natural lighting
  • Customizability with metal frame colors and finishes
  • Upscale, modern aesthetics maximizing curb appeal

These best garage door styles bring an undeniably luxurious, ultramodern flair many homeowners covet. Combined with durable aluminum frames, the look is both stunning and low-maintenance.

Factors beyond just-style 

Of course, visual appeal should be one of many considerations. You’ll also want to think about:

  • Insulation and energy efficiency needs for your climate
  • Durability and weather resistance requirements
  • Security priorities and entrance protection
  • Budget limitations on materials and labor
  • Smart feature integrations with connected home systems

An experienced garage door company professional can guide you through choosing the right style while balancing priorities like energy savings and security.

Customization is key 

What makes any garage door style a hit boils down to personalization. It could be custom wood stains for carriage house doors or unique glass designs for contemporary looks. Or quaint window placements and hardware for raised panels.

The most reputable manufacturers offer immense customization within popular styles. This lets you beautifully complement your home’s exterior instead of falling into a one-size-fits-all look.

The bottom line

The perfect garage door marries your desired aesthetics with practical elements like materials, insulation, and operational functionality. An experienced installer can blend those facets.

So feel free of the look of popular styles. Open yourself to professional guidance on harmonizing your dream door’s design and performance.

Are you ready to replace your garage door with a popular, personalized style? Consult a trusted garage door expert to make an informed investment that will benefit your home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and security.

Grace Dore

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