3 types of lubrication for garage doors

We must use unique lubrication to keep garage doors working well. They ensure the smooth movement of all the moving parts within your garage door. The three main types to adopt, as suggested by an esteemed garage door builder, are oils, greases, and also sprays.

lubrication for garage doors

Oils for Garage Doors

Oils are like magic helpers for your garage door. They come in containers or spray bottles, making them easy to use. These oils help different parts of your garage door move smoothly, like the rollers and other essential bits that make it work.

How to Use Oils

You can put oils on many parts that move in your garage door. Just use a container or spray bottle to make it easy. Oils are safe and simple for everyone to use.

Types of Oils

There are different types of oils for garage doors. Some are made with unique things like silicone to keep water away and make everything move smoothly. 

Why Oils are Good

Smooth Operation: Oils ensure the moving parts, like rollers, work smoothly, preventing them from getting old too quickly.

Keeps Things Running Well: Oils create a layer that helps everything work well all the time.

Stops Wear and Tear: Using oils stops important parts from getting too worn out, so your garage door lasts longer.

Protects from Rust: Some oils also stop metal parts from rusting, which is helpful when the weather is not so good.

Greases for Garage Doors

Greases are like superheroes for your garage door’s moving parts. They are thick, and you put them directly on the parts using a cloth or your hands. These greases make a protective layer that stops parts from rubbing too much, helping your garage door work without any problems.

How to Use Greases

Using greases is simple. You just put them on the moving parts, like the rollers, using a cloth or your hands. This helps the parts stay strong and work well.

Types of Greases

There are different kinds of greases for garage doors. One example is white petroleum grease. It’s suitable for rollers because it goes deep inside the critical bits, ensuring everything stays smooth.

Why Greases are Good

No More Rubbing: Greases make a layer that stops moving parts from rubbing too much, so they don’t get old quickly.

Vital Parts: Using greases ensures the essential parts, like rollers, stay strong and work well for a long time.

When to Use Greases

Putting greases on all the parts that move every six months is a good idea. This keeps your garage door firm and working smoothly.


Be careful not to put greases on parts that don’t move, like the track. Greases are only for parts that need to slide or roll.

Sprays for Garage Doors

Sprays are like magic mist for your garage door’s insides. You spray them on parts that move, like springs, and they go deep inside to keep everything working smoothly.

How to Use Sprays

Sprays are easy to use. You spray them on the moving parts, like springs, and they go deep inside to keep everything well-lubricated.

When to Use Sprays

It’s good to use sprays every six months on parts that move. This helps your garage door stay in top shape.


This is how to keep a garage door in good working order. Remember that these magical lubrication ensure that your garage doors has a much longer life span, which may be oil-based products, greases, or sprays. So, show those moving parts a little TLC every half-year using the proper lubrication, and your garage door will reward you with perfect operation. Contact a trusted garage door company today to schedule a comprehensive safety evaluation.

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