6 Signs You Are Being Detained by Police

Have you ever wondered what it means to be detained in Canada? Being detained is when someone stops you from leaving or moving. They can do this if they think that you need to do something differently or want to ask you questions. A trusted criminal attorney in Canada pointed out six signs that show one is being held against their will. 

Being Detained

1. You Are Seized/ Held as a Way of Detaining You

This is called detention, when someone tries to hold you to prevent you from going away. You may recall a scenario where a cop grabs your arm to stop your escape. This is just a situation whereby people restrict your movements so that they may either talk to you or take you somewhere else. Being seized like this means that authority has taken over, and one cannot leave freely. Stay calm and cooperate whenever this happens since you will continue to have rights even after getting detained.

2. You Are Told That You are Being Detained or Arrested

A police officer should inform anyone whether they have been taken into custody. You could have performed an illegal act, which the police officer should now tell you. One needs to obey instructions given by authorities. Remember that even though one is under such circumstances, their civil liberties remain intact.

3. You are Informed that You are Being Held Until the Police Arrive

When someone tells you that you are being held until the police come, it means you might get detained. This could be if there is a situation where they need to talk to you. It could also mean they need to investigate something. Once again, always remember to ask questions or call for help whenever it is hard to understand.

4. You Are Asked For Your Cooperation Until the Police Arrive

Someone can ask for your cooperation until the police arrive. This could happen when officers want to speak with you or have unresolved issues. This must start with being a friendly and attentive listener who pays attention intently. Do not panic and do anything that may worsen the problem at hand. Remember that assisting authorities will facilitate a smooth flow of events.

5. You Are Not Free To Leave or Move Away

You might be detained if you find it hard to move or leave a place due to something you have done or something that happened. This might occur when someone, such as a police officer, tells you to stand in one place, but only when the person in authority allows you to. Feel free to ask questions or seek any assistance if needed.

6. You Feel That you Cannot Leave

Leaving might be a mistake When you think you cannot go. If this happens, someone’s statements or actions could make you wait where you are. However, remaining calm and understanding what happened when feeling this way is essential. Trying to seek clarification when unsure whether leaving is possible goes a long way, too. 


Understanding what detention means in Canada is very essential for everyone. This includes citizens, non-citizens, minors, and adults. If it ever feels like you are detained with no escape route, remain poised. Talk to criminal law attorney if you have any questions or worries about being detained in Canada. 

Grace Dore

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