Top 5 Facts About Cedar Roofing

Choosing the right roofing solution is challenging, and you must consider several factors like cost, durability, ease of installation, and maintenance.

Moreover, opting for proper roofing is more than a simple lifestyle choice because your family’s safety is at stake. But a highly effective roofing solution is cedar roofing, which can last several years and ensure you don’t have to spend regularly on home upliftment projects.

To know what makes cedar roofs unique, read 5 facts about them in today’s guide. 

Cedar Roofing

Top 5 Facts About Cedar Roofing

1. Eco-Friendly

Since cedar roofing is sourced from cedar trees, a natural resource, most people think this type of roofing is unsustainable and, therefore, not environment-friendly. But in reality, cedar roofing is eco-friendly, owing to sustainable practices, and the trees are planted regularly as they are highly valuable.

Moreover, cedar shingles are biodegradable and recyclable, which reduces environmental impact, and you can dispose of them easily. Even if you throw them away in the surrounding area, they will decompose with time and add nutrients to the soil.

2. Expensive

Cedar shingles and shakes are some of the more expensive roofing solutions. This is because cedar trees take time to mature, given their long life cycle, which makes them a limited resource in many ways. 

On top of that, installing the shingles requires a specific installation technique, and it’s important to coat the roof in felt before laying them. The felt serves as an extra layer of protection, especially against water and moisture, to keep the shingles in top condition.

3. Multiple Options

You can choose from several cedar roof options to increase the property’s valuation. The most common are sawn shingles that look like shakes and must be laid down on each side, while sanded shingles provide a seamless finish due to their smoother appearance.

You will also find taper shakes, similar to sawn shingles, that are flatter and installed on both sides but for a more sturdy option, opt for the thicker hand-split shakes.

4. Durability

Cedar roofing is highly durable and can last for 20-40 years with proper maintenance. This makes them worth the extra price because, in comparison, asphalt shingles last 15-20 years despite regular care. 

And because it’s such a resilient material, cedar can easily withstand hail and strong winds of 120 mph, often classified as category 2 or 3 hurricanes.

5. Maintenance

Cedar roofing doesn’t require much maintenance, but it’s essential to clear debris, like fallen leaves, from the roof twice a year so that it doesn’t block water or snow. Also, it would be best to pressure wash the roof once every 4 years to remove moss, algae, and fungi.


As you can see, several things work in your favour if you install cedar roofing. 

They are low maintenance despite their longer lifespan, and re-patching or replacing the ridge cap every 15 years should suffice. Yes, the initial cost of investing in this roofing solution will be higher, but you will benefit more in the long run.

So, contact a professional roofing company today and choose from various cedar shingles and shakes for property upliftment!

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