The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Garage Door For Your Commercial Establishment

Commercial property is just as important as your home, so keeping everything within your garage safe and dry is necessary. 

To ensure this, a high-quality and durable garage door is required. Choosing the right commercial garage door for your business while taking matters like asset safety, practicality, and security can be complicated. 

So, this guide provides you with all the basic information you need to know before purchasing a commercial garage door. Let’s dive in. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Garage Door For Your Commercial Establishment

1. Size 

An important thing you need to consider when buying garage doors for commercial purpose is their size. The standard single-car garage doors size is between 8-9 feet, and their height may vary from 7-8 feet. However, a bigger garage door would be required for a commercial establishment. 

Double-car garage doors have double the width compared to single-car garage doors. The height, however, can remain the same unless the garage door is specified for trucks and other taller vehicles. 

2. Budget 

Cost is among the highest priorities for most commercial business owners when choosing a garage door. The cost can depend on several factors, such as insulation, hardware, materials, and size. The wider the variety of options, the higher the cost. 

3. Types 

Garage doors, like everything else, come in different sizes and types, especially regarding materials. The most common type of door is the single-layer garage door which contains a single outer layer of material that is very lightweight and affordable. Due to its one-layer nature, single-layer garage doors contribute to minimal insulation. 

Double-layer garage doors are made up of a layer of polystyrene that sits between the inner and outer layers of the door. The insulation of double-layer doors can be slightly higher when compared to the singer-layer. 

Last but not least, the triple-layer doors contain a layer of steel within the door to protect the insulating layer. They are the strongest among the lot and provide higher thermal resistance than most garage door types available on the market. 

4. Materials 

Just like types, garage doors can be made of various materials. You can opt for the right garage door materials based on your commercial requirements. 

Wooden garage doors are the most affordable option due to their availability. It is easier to customize and is quite durable. Wood like cedar, redwood and cypress offers moisture retention properties. If you wish to increase the longevity of your wooden door, adding a layer of polystyrene can help. 

Steel garage doors can be ideal for humid areas as they prevent rust. Steel does not require as much maintenance as wood and can be well-insulated. It also offers more customization from painting to other coatings. 

On the other hand, aluminum doors are a good choice if you prefer a lightweight garage door. They require low maintenance and can be used as frames to set glass or acrylic panels. 

Final Words

A garage door not only enhances the look of your space but also adds value and security. To make them more efficient, adding certain accessories like springs or automated door openers can be useful. If you plan to install a new garage door, contact a professional to help you decide the best fit. 

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