How to Prepare Yourself for Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacial is one of the most popular trends in facial skin care treatments globally. The reason is that it uses a non-invasive procedure and produces great results. The treatment is the use of a medical-grade device to remove dirt and sebum build-up from the face. The process involves a completely pain-free way to extract impurities while cleaning, hydrating, and soothing the skin. But to maximize its benefits, it is better to be prepared before going for your Hydrafacial treatment. Below, we share the best ways to get ready for your first or next hydrafacial.

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Avoid skincare products containing Accutane

Whether it is your first time or you have had a hydrafacial before, experts recommend you stop using Accutane before the procedure. At least six months before your hydrafacial, it is advised that you stop using any product containing this substance. The reason is that it thins the skin, and hydrafacial treatment in such a case can cause serious skin damage. Some professionals can adapt the facial treatment to thin or sensitive skin. Therefore, it is essential that you mention it to your dermatologist during the consultation. 

Avoid laser treatments

You should avoid any laser treatment if you are getting ready for your hydrafacial. At least two weeks before your facial, stir clear of such treatments and any form of chemical peel. For the same reason as Accutane, it can make your skin too sensitive and could lead to damage.

Follow the aesthetician’s pre-treatment instructions

The dermatologist or aesthetician will tell you how to prepare during your first consultation. They will advise you on Dos and Don’ts. We have mentioned the well-known Don’ts above. You may receive the following other instructions from the expert:

  • Avoid any exfoliation two days before the treatment
  • Stop using any product containing Retin-A
  • Stop using over-the-counter acne treatments, including salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
  • Avoid botox three or two weeks before your facial.
  • Avoid shaving 12 hours before the treatment. 
  • Avoid too much sun exposure
  • Use the topical meds recommended by the dermatologist.

If this would be your first hydrafacial, you may have wondered about the process. As mentioned, it involves the use of a special device to extract dirt from the face while hydrating and soothing the skin. The procedure is popular because of its effectiveness and instant results. Also, it is pain-free and non-invasive. Below, we give an overview of the three steps involved in the treatment:

Step #1 – Cleaning and Exfoliating 

The aesthetician will gently use the vortex cleaning and hydra peel tip to exfoliate dead skin cells from the face. Removing the sebum and dirt build-up will open up your pores. The process is completely painless. 

Step #2 – Peel

After step one, the expert will change the hydrafacial wand tip to give your skin a gentle peel. The wand for this step contains a solution rich in nutrients, which hydrates the skin during the peeling process. This solution softens the dirt hiding deep within the pores. So that it is easily extracted in the third step. After this step, the skin feels refreshed, soft, and hydrated.

Step #3 – Extracting stage

During this stage, the aesthetician replaces the wand tip with one that sucks out the impurities from the skin. The vacuum suction retrieves the blackheads and dirt to be discarded after the process.

Step #4 – Applying the serum

The aesthetician uses a wand that applies a serum to your skin. This serum contains collagen and other rich nutrients to improve skin elasticity. It eradicates wrinkles, sun damage, fine lines, and other skin problems.

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