The Worst Nightmares People Have About A Divorce Lawyer: Busted!

Living in a contentious marriage can be a really stressful experience. Besides the husband and wife, it affects the kids and the immediate family members.

Thankfully, divorce offers a way out of such a hostile relationship. However, many couples are hesitant about getting a divorce these days. Some of it is due to social stigma, but the primary reasons for such hesitation are some unfounded beliefs about divorce lawyers. 

This brief article aims to address some of the ridiculous myths about divorce lawyers that exist today. Let’s proceed with it, then!

Divorce Lawyer

Addressing People’s Worst Nightmares About Divorce Lawyers

1. Divorce Lawyers Are Expensive

This is possibly the biggest reason that keeps people away from divorce lawyers. It is not necessarily true though, as you can find many affordable divorce lawyers today.

That being said, some divorce lawyers may charge a higher rate, especially if they have considerable experience and a reputation in the domain. However, since divorce lawyers charge you hourly, that is not really bad, as they can resolve the case faster. This essentially means that you have to pay them for a short time.

2. Divorce Cases Are Long And Drawn Out

A typical divorce case involves several steps, such as filing an application & motion to change, generating the necessary paperwork, proceeding with the trial, overseeing negotiations and settlements, and so on.

This is why many people hesitate about getting a divorce. Although, with a good divorce lawyer, you won’t have to worry about the lengthy procedure, as they will take care of everything on your behalf.

3. Divorce Lawyers Are Aggressive

Another common belief among people is that divorce lawyers are highly aggressive in nature. This can be primarily attributed to the portrayal of such lawyers in films and media. But contrary to what you might have seen, not all divorce lawyers are aggressive.

Yes, there are some divorce attorneys who are a tad bit confrontational, but that is not a bad thing per se. This is because a divorce process is not very amicable, to begin with. Therefore, a show of aggression can be considered to be a control measure so that your spouse or their attorney does not try to play any games or tricks.

4. Divorce Cases Always Go To Court

Fighting court cases can be a draining experience; there is no doubt about that. That is a big reason why people refrain from hiring divorce attorneys since a court case can rattle them even more. However, not all divorce cases go to court.

A good lawyer will try to go for alternative dispute settlements before moving the case to court. Such processes are a lot less stressful than court cases, and they are cheaper as well.


Divorce cases are just like any other case, and with a competent divorce lawyer, you can navigate them fairly easily. Thus, there is no reason for you to have nightmares about getting a divorce. In fact, by not hiring a divorce lawyer, you might be prolonging your suffering in the marriage.

So, if you are looking to get a divorce, get in touch with a divorce lawyer immediately!

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