Do Funeral Homes Write Obituaries?

Obituaries are important parts of the grieving and memorial process, providing friends and family with an opportunity to celebrate life while mourning its loss. But do funeral homes actually write obituaries? 

In this blog post, we’ll look at how funeral homes handle producing these essential documents and why they play such an important role in saying goodbye.


What Are Obituaries?

An obituary summarizes a deceased person’s life, usually written by family members or close friends. 

It typically contains information about the individual’s date of birth, date of death, education, military service, professional accomplishments, hobbies, and interests. 

Additionally, it may include a list of surviving family members, a brief tribute from loved ones, or even words of wisdom from the deceased.

How Do Funeral Homes Handle Writing Obituaries?

Funeral homes typically guide families in writing obituaries for their loved ones. 

They can help them decide which details about the individual should be included in the piece, along with any other needed information like contact details for services or burial arrangements. 

Professional companies often have staff on hand who specialize in writing obituaries with sensitivity and accuracy to ensure that all facts are correct and no one is left out unintentionally.

Why Are Obituaries Important?

Obituaries are important parts of mourning and memorializing someone because they allow us to pay final respects and honor those who have passed away. 

Providing insight into the individual’s life story through carefully crafted words, can bring comfort to friends and family still here on earth who are struggling with grief over their loss, as well as reassurance that their loved one will never be forgotten. 

Additionally, obituaries can provide closure for survivors by allowing them to mourn and celebrate the time spent together—memories that will live on after death has taken its course, no matter what form grief takes afterward.


After having an end of life talk with family, when the soul leaves and only the dead body is left behind, that time is hard on family and loved ones. 

Funeral homes play an important part in such situations as they help out in making important arrangements for the funeral ceremony. 

And they do take care of writing obituaries, too. 

It’s clear why funeral homes often write obituaries or offer assistance with crafting them regarding honoring the deceased. 

In addition to memorializing lives through anecdotes and stories that might otherwise remain unknown or forgotten forever after passing away, they also serve as lasting reminders that someone we once knew can continue living within our hearts—even if they aren’t with us anymore physically on this Earthly plane of existence.

Lachlan Wakefield

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