3 Questions You Should Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring Them

If you ever find yourself in legal proceedings, you will need a lawyer to represent your case. No matter the reason, enlisting the services of an attorney is an important part of winning a legal battle.

But hiring a lawyer is not as simple as picking from a list. Each attorney has varying degrees of experience, with a different area of specialization that may or may not be suited for your case. To find your ideal lawyer, you must be able to quickly and effectively gauge how capable they are of handling your case.

Listed below are three important questions you can ask your Brampton defence lawyer before you decide to hire them. The answers to these will reveal a lawyer’s capabilities and help you make the choice of hiring them.


3 Important Questions To Ask A Lawyer Before You Hire Them

1. What Is Your Law Background And Specialization?

Legal matters are rife with different subject matters, which is why every lawyer cannot represent each field of law. So, ensure that the attorney you are about to hire has a specialization in the area you require representation.

The question will also reveal the experience an attorney has, giving you valuable insight into their capabilities. If they are experienced enough, you can be assured that they will provide you with the best legal representation that they are capable of.

2. Have You Handled A Similar Case Before?

An attorney’s prior history with cases that are similar to yours will help you make an informed decision on hiring them. Do make sure that you know the details of their history and ask more questions related to the case. These include the outcomes, problems they encountered and how they will approach your case in light of their previous experiences.

3. What Is Your Fee Structure?

The fee an attorney charges can vary quite a bit, depending on the particulars of your case. There are different types of lawyer fees, some of which are:

  • Hourly fees, which you are likely to encounter the most
  • A flat fee, where the attorney charges a fixed amount
  • A contingent fee, where the lawyer doesn’t charge if the judgment ends up unfavorably
  • A retainer fee, where the lawyer charges in advance based on their hourly fee
  • Statutory fee, where the fee has been predetermined by the law


When seeking legal representation, you should not rush into the matter and hire the first attorney you run into. 

Several factors play into the choice and you should ensure that you have the best representation for your case. The questions listed above will aid you in making the right choice and provide you with clarity on the lawyer’s expertise as well.

So, for proper and personalized legal representation, consult a reputable law firm for advice.

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