6 Questions to Ask Your Counsellor Before Your First Session

Deciding to get counselling is the first step to gaining perspective and healing from many life’s issues. But choosing the right counsellor for your situation can be tough. Not only do you have to overcome the anxiety of reaching out. But you have to deal with issues of whether they are right for you, the cost, and their availability. Before your first session, here are six questions to ask the counsellor whether you want online counselling Canada or offline. Their answers should help you determine whether to seek their service or keep looking.

Questions to Ask Your Counsellor

  1. What qualifications do you have, and how long have you been counselling?

A qualified counsellor would have the right training and certifications. Ask them about their licenses and certifications. These questions help you rest assured that they will know what they’re doing during your sessions. Knowing their specialties is also helpful in determining if they will be right for you. For example, a licensed psychologist is different from a licensed professional counsellor. Depending on your case, one might be preferable to the other. Experienced counsellors are also preferred, so it is alright to ask how many years of experience they’ve had.

  1. How often will our sessions be, and for how long?

It is also nice to determine your availability beforehand. The counsellor may be unable to tell how long the counselling will last until after your first session. After the first session, they may fix the sessions once or a few times a week. It will depend on your case. As time goes on, they may adjust the schedule.

  1. Can I trust you to keep everything I say confidential?

The counsellor may be bound by law to keep your session discussions confidential. But this will not apply if you are in danger due to the issue for which you are getting counselling. Also, if you are a danger to others or unable to handle your mental illness, the counsellor may be justified in disclosing your confidential discussions. However, they will inform you and discuss this with you. 

  1. What should I prepare before the session?

This question will give you an idea of what the counsellor expects from you in your first session. It helps you prepare appropriately for the first session. And if you can’t meet their expectations, you can discuss it with them to make adjustments. 

  1. What do you charge?

Counselling sessions can last anything from 45 to 90 minutes. Knowing how long and how much each session will cost is important. After all, you are still in the research stage, and if the price is too high, you can look for an alternative. You also want to find out their cancellation policies and no-show fees, if any.

  1. What insurance do you accept? Or do you accept so-so insurance?

If your health insurance covers mental health, it will help determine if the counsellor accepts insurance. If they do, you want to ensure your provider is on their list. You should also find out if they can provide statements to your insurance company. These are important pricing information that should help you choose a suitable counsellor. These six questions are enough to determine if a counsellor is ideal for you or not.

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