The 8 Most Popular Flower Varieties to Give as Gifts

When we want to appreciate our family or friends, one of the many ways is by giving flowers. It has been a traditional way of expressing love and gratitude for a long time. You do not need a special event to show someone you love a flower. So what are the most common varieties of flowers for gifting? This article will discuss some common flowers to give to your loved one. 

Flower Varieties

  1. Rose 

The rose flower is known as a symbol of love in many cultures around the world. The red rose is widely associated with romance. It is a reason many people gift their loved ones a rose on Valentine’s day. You can order a bouquet of roses from the flower shop Mississauga to give to your loved one. 

  1. Tulips 

Tulips are also famous because of their colorful bud-like flower and long stems. They come in various colors, yellow, white, red, pink, and purple. You can gift them during a birthday party and as an anniversary gift. 

  1. Carnations 

They are also popularly used as gifts for loved ones. Carnations symbolize pure love and admiration and are available in many colors. The pink and white carnations are more popular as a birthday or friendship gift. 

  1. Orchids 

They were a symbol of royalty in the early 1700-1800s. They range from purple, pink, white, yellow, blue, orange, and red. People gift their friends and partners orchids as gifts of love and celebration of relationships. 

  1. Daisies 

These are bright flowers with a long stem, a central round disk, and small bright petals. You can get a daisy in blue, white, yellow, or lavender colors. They are perfect for any occasion but stand out at weddings and anniversaries because they symbolize pure love. 

  1. Lily 

Nothing beats the sight of the long bright colored petals of a lily. They come in different varieties of colors, but the most commonly used for gifting are white, pink, yellow, and red colors. You can never go wrong with lilies as an anniversary gift. However, they have a lot of pollen and could trigger allergies. 

  1. Hydrangea 

It is another unique flower that appears like a ball made of little flowers. It has a pleasant look and feels and is available in pink, white, yellow, orange, and blue. They are native to Japan and symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotions. They are the best apology gift or show of appreciation for a friend or a loved one.

  1. Iris 

It is a popular flower named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. It comes in pink, blue, purple, white, orange, black, red, and yellow. It symbolizes faith, luck, courage, and wisdom and is particularly gifted on anniversaries and weddings.

Final words 

Flowers have different meanings and symbols depending on different cultures around the world. However, any flower gift, no matter what the occasion is, show love and thoughtfulness. If you have an event or want to surprise a loved one, grab any of the listed flowers from a flower shop near you. 

Lachlan Wakefield

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